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Do you want to improve your search results on the internet? Then you should get to know gerberCom.advertising agency, a full service advertising agency that provides the full range of advertising services. The services include classic advertising like newspaper and magazine advertising, public advertising and radio advertising in Minden. Furthermore gerberCom. offers services such as online marketing, public relations, corporate design/corporate identity and direct-marketing. For example online marketing includes tasks as e-mail marketing, search engine optimization, social media marketing, web development and webdesign. And it's even more than creating websites: The sections onlineshop, CMS (Content Management System) and Blog are also part of the agency's product range.

SEO - Advertising agency gerberCom offers regional search engine optimization

No modern company can go without online marketing. Communicating with interested parties via traditional marketing channels that we all know and used successfully in the past, is no longer good enough to delight customers and convince them of products. Therefore good online marketing is essential. If a maintainer of a website is interested in regional search engine optimization – for example SEO in Minden – gerberCom. takes care of launching keywords in the organic search results of search engines like Google, Bing & Co. at best, which means top 5 placements.

Offpage optimization - Social Media - SEO

Social media are perfect for staying in touch with your customers interactively and publishing actual information of your company They can be very helpful for advertising your products and services targeted and for reaching the aims, that you defined in cooperation with the gerberCom.advertising agency.

netz-Spider - The 100% optimization

Benefit by the website "netz-Spider" for search engine marketing SEM and search engine optimization SEO. Text ads in search engines improve organic search results. By its uniqueness responsive webdesign with its high loading speed is particularly suitable for regional competition: e.g. SEO Minden regional reacts with social media of gerberCom / advertising agency Minden.

Webdesign Minden - Onpage optimization

World Wide Web, shortened www: What makes a good web design? That's a question everyone who wants to create a website for his company or webshop aks himself. Important design criteria such as responsivity or usability by a good structure must of course be served by a successful website, media-specific aspects, e.g. search engine optimization SEO are additional factors.

One of the most decisive factors of good webdesign is its orientation towards potential customers to adress them directly. The goal should be to optimize the usability. Neither should one forget that websites are always directed towards target groups. At least on business websites not the client's personal taste decides, but the practical value of the project – webdesign with SEO Minden.

Direct contact – advertising agency gerberCom

Especially for search engines it takes an exact conception, a very good project- and time management, perfect creation, responsive web design and excellent programming. That's what gerberCom. advertising agency Minden stands for.

Full service advertising agency Minden for online marketing.

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Full Service advertising agency Minden

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You need an advertising agency for your website?

Certainly we can help you! We create our customers' websites according to the latest advances from the start. The combination of visual appearance and a good, logical navigation is the key to take a website to its user. Furthermore, there are other, very important aspects to consider, eg. some basic rules for the relevance stats of the search engines (SEO – Search Engine Optimization) or responsive web design for a perfect visual presentation on devices with different display sizes.

"Web design: from the sketch to the finished website!"

Our clients' success is our success. And that's fun for all! – Advertising agency Minden

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We are specialized in web design and search engine optimization and can undertake the following tasks in Minden:

  • Needs analysis of your current website
  • Competitive analysis in search results lists
  • Optimization of your current website
  • Professional responsive web design – website programming, homepage
  • CMS – content management - TYPO3
  • Shop system - optimized loading time - mobile
  • SEO Minden - local – regional - supra-regional
  • Onpage optimization - offpage- optimization
  • Monthly scanning and analyzing of your search results
  • Advertising agency Minden with full service

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